Buying local is a growingly popular movement, and there are so many benefits and reasons for this return to the past when people relied on local produce and services to live. One important benefit of supporting local business is the overall boost of the economy of your community.

It is only natural that if you prefer to spend more money at your local market, stores, restaurants, craft shops and others – the more these businesses will thrive. The better the local economy – the better your life there will be too.

Unfortunately with the increasing power of the large corporations and the big supermarkets many towns have lost all their small local stores and thus their local economies have suffered leading. This worrying tendency has led to the appearance of the so-called “ghost towns” and people choosing to move away to other places where their businesses and services still stand a chance of succeeding.

By choosing to spend your money within your own community you will help create a close knit and thriving community which will be a pleasure to live and work in. the more money which circulates among the community members – the better the local economy will be doing.

Also with a booming local trade and business, your town will be able to maintain its perfect uniqueness instead of looking like every other town which features all the same retail and food chains on their main street.

When you and other people in your community are forced to turn to online purchases or for shopping at big stores this can help trigger the local production of these specific items and services which are lacking at a local level. This too helps boost the local economy and help the businesses move forward and increase their sales and profitability.

Of course, there is hardly away to make a community entirely self-sufficient, but still choosing to buy local fresh foods, produce and services can help tip the balance in favor of the local economy rather than to the large corporations.

Another benefit of choosing to purchase local goods and services is that the greater the demand is the more people from your community will be employed.

The advantages for the environment are also important. The carbon print which locally produced and sold goods is much smaller and less detrimental as compared to that of the goods which are shipped from other towns, states or countries.

While some people still turn to the large supermarkets for their shopping mainly due to the lower prices, it can be argued that if more local products are purchased – their prices will decrease as the volumes of the sales will be higher, and little or no transportation costs will be added to them.

Some communities have taken the buy local movement to another level by introducing local currency. Such is the case with the Lake Chiem area in Germany where a regional currency named “Chiemgauer” has been introduced and is actively being accepted by more than 600 businesses in the area. Currently about 3 million euro worth of Chiemgauer is in circulation in this area and has a proven velocity of 18 times a year as compared to the 6 times a year of the euro in the area. This alone is an excellent example of how buying local can truly boost the entire economy of a town or area.

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