The “buy local” movement is gaining momentum in the last years for a number of very good reasons. Not only does it make purchases more personal, but also helps consumers meet and support their local businesses to provide support to their own communities rather than to the large and impersonal retailers. This is a great new tendency which poses new opportunities to the small local farmers, product providers, craftsmen and other small scale businesses to grow.

Here are the top reasons why you should buy local:

  1. Better health and wellness of your family

When you go to the local farm you can see for yourself how the veggies and fruits are grown and cared for. The same goes for the fresh local meat you buy. Making sure that the fresh products you put on your table are free of harmful chemicals will reduce the risks for the health and welling of your family. Consuming local honey is known to help reduce and eliminate allergies too.

  1. help your local economy

Your money will stay within your community if you choose to buy local. This will give the local businesses an incentive to improve their own businesses and support their local partners as well as their employees. Better local economy is better for you too!

  1. getting personal with the suppliers of the products

You can get to know the local producers and service providers better once you start investing in purchasing locally produced goods. This will strengthen the overall sense of community and help you create personal connections which you otherwise would probably miss out on.

  1. A well-supported local economy will create uniqueness

With thriving local businesses, your home town will be able to develop and maintain a uniqueness which will make it an even more special place to live and to invite friends or attract tourists from elsewhere.

  1. Improved customer service

Instead of having to listen to elevator music for hours while waiting to get through to the customer care service of a large anonymous corporation, you can speak directly to your local supplier regarding any concerns or requests you have about the product or service offered.

  1. You get personalized service

Not only will your community be a better place to live if you support your local business but you will most definitely get a more personalized service. You can ask your local stores or producers to add a specific product or service to their list in accordance to your personal needs or you can make some recommendations which will help both the businesses and you.

  1. You will get seasonal and fresh produce

You can purchase fruits and veggies which have just been picked, as well as fresh eggs and meat, instead of buying frozen food products instead. Also, the seasonal products are much healthier and better for your family menu.

So, if you were hesitant about spending your hard earned money on local products instead of buying them from the large chain stores, these reasons will probably give you enough food for thought about buying local.

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