Do you think about your feet often? At all? Only when you have issues? We use our feet every single day, pamper them, treat them well and they will serve you well and long. It is really important to look after the feet otherwise you will regret that neglect when you get older.

If you are working on your feet during the long working day, you might experience pain after work. Sore feet and achy feeling are no joke and can severely affect your mood and productivity. Instead of focusing on our work, your aching feet will distract you and keep you from giving your full attention to the thing which matters most – your job.

There are few steps you might undertake to make sure your feet feel well:

    I know exercising after work isn’t appealing to most of you, but here are some of the quickest and really effective stretching you can do in just few minutes. You can even do them while watching your favorite show or while sitting at the coach, so ditch the excuses. Your feet will be forever grateful

    1. Calf raise – do it one foot at a time and balance on your toes from standing positions. Hold the balance for 15-20 seconds, repeat with the other foot. Do ten repetitions per foot and you will immediately feet the stretching muscles.
    2. Soles stretch – use a water bottle or small foam roller. Place it under the foot arch and roll it forward and backward. The simple exercise releases the tension and relaxes the muscles.
    3. Sock grip – use a small piece of cloth, like a sock or handkerchief and drop it on the floor in front of you. Use your toes to pick the sock and hold it in the air for another 15-20 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. Make 10 repetitions per foot. This is a great exercise to strengthen the muscles and improve your balance.
    4. Sit on the couch and raise your feet in the air. Just raise your feet in the air and flex and wiggle them, draw the numbers from 1 to 20 with your feet, wiggle the toes, draw circles
    5. Lay on the bed and raise your feet above your head. You can put them on the wall and sit like this for at least five minutes. This is great exercise for improving blood circulation, especially if you are standing most of your working hours.
    you might thing that your feet are clean, especially if you are wearing closed shoes all day. However by the end of the day your feet sweat and get warm in the shoes. Wash them when you get home, scrub them well and dry them completely. This will help with eliminating bacteria and your feet will breathe much easier and better
  3. FOOTWEAR rotation
    I can’t stress enough how important is to rotate your footwear. It helps each pair last longer because they take their time to dry before being worn again. Quality footwear such as this featured on Comfort Hacks, Shoes for crews, Zappos or other reputable sites, that is being rotated on daily basis is a great way to prolong the life of your boots and shoes.
  4. Treat yourself with a water bath or get someone else to make you a foot massage. It does not have to be a fish spa. Even the simplest massage with a drop of aromatherapy oil will do wonders with your mood

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